What We Do

It is no secret that far too many people get their ballots and let them sit on the kitchen counter or their desks, they forget they are even there. We need to encourage all citizens it is their responsibility to vote. It is our responsibility to make sure all voters who are Republican to get their votes cast so our candidates are elected.


At Snohomish County Republican Women’s Club, we team up with candidates, on every level, to get them elected and into public office to represent their constituents. Every effort made on a grassroots level is what wins elections, it isn’t money. Republicans are hitting the ground running with the largest grassroots campaign ever seen; we saw those results in 2014 and will continue into 2016. Help the candidates running in your Legislative Districts by phone banking, doorbelling, stuffing envelopes, putting up signs and donate to their campaigns so they can stay strong until they are giving their victory speech on election day. As a member, if you have volunteered, please complete the form to report your volunteer hours to our Awards Committee Chair.

Have you ever thought of running for a local position such as school board, fire district, water district? For details and more information contact the Snohomish County Republican Office.