Hoff Foundation

Judy Hoff

The Hoff Foundation serves the greater Everett Community of homeless women and children. Their mission is to break the cycle of “generational dysfunction which can lead to a lifestyle of sex trafficking, the misuse of drugs & alcohol, homelessness, and abuse.”

The Snohomish Republican Women serve this foundation in two ways; we first started with Judy Hoff’s program “Queen, It’s a New Day”, which provides business clothing, grooming assistance, resume writing, and interviewing skills to women transitioning from haplessness to hopefulness. Our club serves by donating quality used clothing and toiletriesgroup pic to these women as they begin to reconstruct their lives.

“Esther’s Place”, also housed within the Hoff Foundation, serves women and children who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and need a safe place to connect with services, get a respite of food and comfort, and find an open heart and kind ear.  Each month, several volunteers from our club bring a meal to “Esher’s Place”, we each prepare a part of the meal or donate money to provide for the meal.

Our club won the “Caring for America ” Award in our state.  Judy Talley, club president, received the award at the Washington Federation of Republican Women’s Fall Conference in October 2017.